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Steps to Take After an Accident

Kurt Schultz June 28, 2022

What to Do After a Car Accident

Nobody expects to be in an accident. Emotions often run high at the scene of a truck accident, car crash or after a slip-and-fall accident. At the same time, our bodies are programmed to react to sudden events to protect us. The so-called fight-or-flight responses can mask some injuries. For instance, adrenaline released into the body, which can mask pain in the immediate aftermath of an accident.

In other situations, symptoms of serious injuries can be delayed for days or longer such as a damaged disc in the spine or a soft-tissue injury. Many accident victims are left with the false impression that they are okay for a period of time — until the other shoe drops as the pain begins to emerge. In more serious situations, injuries may be far too obvious.

Protect Your Rights and Claim After an Accident

What you do in the moments and days after an accident can be important in protecting your rights. For direct answers to your questions and strategic guidance, call us. At the Law Offices of Kurt M. Schultz, PLLC, in Plymouth, I understand how chaotic and confusing motor vehicle accident scenes can be. For that reason, I have compiled a short list of some important steps you can take after an accident:

  • Stay at the scene: It is important to remain at the scene of any car accident. Calling police and gathering insurance and identity information of any other drivers is important for any insurance claims. This is also a good time to get the names of any potential witnesses or bystanders.

  • Check for injuries: If you are able to move around, check on passengers in your vehicle, if any, and anyone else who may have been injured in the accident.

  • Cooperate with police: Police do not come to every accident scene unless an ambulance is necessary, especially in the Detroit metro. It is still important to call 911 to report the accident. While cooperating with law enforcement, it is important to understand your surroundings. Do not admit fault, and understand that you may have injuries — even if you feel all right in the immediate aftermath of the wreck.

  • Document evidence: Most people have cellphones with a camera. If it is safe to do so, take photographs of the scene before anything is moved, including the relative positions of vehicles and property damage.

  • Get medical attention: Going to the doctor to get checked out after a motor vehicle accident or suffering an injury on someone else’s property is important for your well-being as well as any potential insurance claim. A delay in getting checked out can give the insurance companies a reason to later challenge a valid claim.

  • Contact a personal injury attorney: Insurance adjusters are trained to gather evidence against you to reduce or deny your claim. A lawyer can provide you with guidance on how to deal with the insurance companies. An experienced lawyer can also evaluate your case and start building a strong case from the outset.

  • Notify your insurance agent: You need to put your own insurance company on notice that you have been injured in an accident. Do not admit fault. Moreover, if an adjuster from the other driver’s insurance company (or property owner’s provider in a premises liability claim) contacts you, you should speak with a lawyer and let your attorney deal with the adjusters.

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