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Speeding is a bigger hazard than some drivers may think

For most Michigan residents, driving is unavoidable. You need to get in your car to run errands, get to work, take the kids to school and complete any number of activities necessary to get through your day. Though you may not think about it often, being in a vehicle so much does put you at risk of suffering injuries if an accident occurs.

Unfortunately, far too many people increase the risk of accidents by not following posted speed limits. Some people may think that they are skilled enough drivers and that speeding is not a big deal, but in reality, a number of repercussions could result from traveling at high rates of speed.

Fighting for your rights after a dog bite

Dog owners who love their pets often invite children to come closer and assure concerned parents that their dogs don't bite. However, it is impossible to predict how an animal will react in every situation, and you certainly don't want your child to suffer because of a dog owner's negligence.

While you may recognize and teach your children to know the signs that a dog feels threatened, is in pain or is distressed -- any of which may cause the dog to lash out and bite -- you may not always be able to protect your child from an animal that is intent on causing harm. However, Michigan dog bite laws are on your side.

Falls the leading cause of fatal, nonfatal injury among seniors

As an older adult living in Michigan, you have a higher risk of suffering a serious fall that leads to injury or death than your younger friends, family members and neighbors. While some of your enhanced fall risk comes from lifestyle-related factors, such as how physically fit you are, others arise because of environmental factors, and these can vary broadly based on where you live and where you spend most of your time.

According to the National Council on Aging, falls have become the most common cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries among Americans 65 and older, with an older adult seeking care in an emergency room for fall-related injuries every 11 seconds. Altogether, more than 27,000 older adults die due to fall-related injuries each year, while another 800,000 undergo hospitalization due to falls on an annual basis. Just what types of factors make today’s older Americans fall and hurt themselves?

Damages you can recover after a truck accident

Large trucks are responsible for a significant number of traffic collisions that occur around Michigan. Truck accidents that involve tractor-trailers or semis are far more likely to result in serious injury or death than accidents involving two passenger vehicles due to the differences in size and weight of the vehicles. For example, a man recently lost his life after getting in an accident with a garbage truck in Green Lake County. 

It is critical for victims of truck accidents to seek legal help right away and see what damages they can recover in the aftermath. The types of damages fall into two categories: economic and noneconomic. 

4 types of truck-driver negligence

One of the most serious types of motor vehicle accidents is when large trucks collide with passenger vehicles. While semitrucks are vital to our economy, they are also inherently dangerous to people like you. Tractor-trailers can weigh 30 times as much as cars and take 40 percent more distance to stop. The vast majority of deaths in commercial truck accidents are occupants of passenger vehicles. 

Many truck collisions occur due to the negligence of truck drivers. Here are some dangerous factors and behaviors that may contribute to large truck wrecks.

Is car insurance necessary in Michigan?

Although auto insurance is mandatory under state law, plenty of drivers hit the road without any coverage. In fact, Michigan has risen over the past few years in the ranking of states with the most uninsured drivers. It came in ninth place in 2007, going up to fourth by 2015 with over 20 percent of drivers lacking insurance, reveals the Insurance Information Institute.

It is no wonder that so many people choose not to purchase a policy when the price is so high. It may seem more cost-effective to take the risk and pay for vehicle repairs or replacement out of pocket. However, when it comes to a car accident, proper coverage is a must.

What to do right after a car crash

Michigan car crashes happen all too often. If you become involved in one, there are several things you should – and should not – do immediately afterward. The most important thing you should do is stay where you are until law enforcement officers arrive and give you permission to leave. Leaving too soon could put you at risk for officers charging you with leaving the scene and/or hit-and-run, both of which are crimes.

The first thing you should do is determine if anyone is injured. If so, call 911 on your cellphone, give your location and request the operator to send immediate medical and law enforcement assistance. Do not attempt to move any injured or unconscious person unless a hazard exists such as a fire, a downed power line or rising flood waters. Moving an injured person can worsen their injuries, especially if the injuries are to their neck or back.

4 common places where slip-and-fall accidents occur

Slip, trip and fall injuries are disturbingly common. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, fall accidents are the leading cause of emergency room visits. You may slip or trip and fall at almost any place, from your own home to retail stores. Where your accident occurs is among that factors that can influence whether you can file a lawsuit and obtain damages. 

You may be wondering where the most common fall accidents occur. Here is a list of the most common locations of these premises liability accidents.

What could happen if you drive uninsured?

When you do not have a lot of money, you might get creative about paying bills. One payment that may fall by the wayside is car insurance. Yes, you need a car to get to work, but keeping a roof over your head and the heat on may be more important.

However, there are  certain grave risks to driving uninsured in no-fault states such as Michigan. In fact, these risks are so tremendous that they deserve a role when you consider how to allocate your bill payments.

Top 3 causes of winter car accidents

Fall is in full swing, and winter is just around the corner. It is already starting to rain here in the Plymouth area, and pretty soon it will be snow. These harsh weather conditions that may be all too familiar for you can cause serious dangers on the road. Unskilled, negligent or tourist drivers may not know how to handle these conditions and crash into you.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, poor visibility and slippery roads cause car accidents. But why exactly does this happen? Below is a look at how adverse weather impacts drivers.


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