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Seven Children Injured in Motor Vehicle Accident

Kurt Schultz May 18, 2022

We live in the Motor City area, and we love our vehicles. Whether it is getting to work, going out or whatever the destination, we all make heavy use of our roads and highways. After all, we live where the auto industry was born. Unfortunately, since our beloved roadways are often congested, accidents do happen, often causing injuries, sometimes, severely. One such accident occurred in nearby Romulus last week.

The Accident

The motor vehicle accident occurred at Eureka Road and Brandt Street Tuesday evening between a white Chevy Impala and gold Chevy Equinox. As a result of the collision, nine people were taken to an area hospital. This includes seven children.

Unfortunately, the details of the accident are still under investigation. And, the Romulus Police Department is still looking for witnesses or anyone who may have caught the accident on their dash camera.

The Consequences

While the investigation has not been completed yet, those injured should still contact an attorney immediately. Especially in those Michigan cases where the cause of the accident is not determined by police, an attorney-led investigation will likely be needed to determine fault (i.e., which driver drove negligently).

Determining negligence and fault is extremely important for those injured in car accidents because, just because one is in the hospital, does not mean the bills stop. And, if one is unable to work, they are unable to earn money, further causing financial stress. This is what a personal injury lawsuit is designed to solve. It gives Plymouth victims a path back to financial freedom and some sense of normalcy.