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How Can I Maximize My Recoverable Compensation?

Kurt Schultz May 18, 2022

Has your life been turned upside down by a car accident? If so, then you’re probably desperately looking for a way to make ends meet and secure the medical care you need. While filing a personal injury lawsuit might be in your best interests, it’s only as helpful as the compensation you get out of it. In other words, a judgment of liability against the driver who caused your injuries doesn’t mean much if you’re not awarded adequate compensation to cover your damages. So what can you do to maximize your potential recovery? We have some ideas for you below.

Maximize Your Potential Recovery

Your personal injury claim needs to be well thought out and diligently prepared if you want to recover the full extent of your damages. Here are some steps you can take to do that:

  • Calculate accumulated losses: Look at your pay stubs and calculate your lost wages based on how much work you’ve missed. Also, keep records of all of your medical expenses.

  • Consult with an expert: Putting a price on expected medical expenses and lost wages can be difficult for jurors and even attorneys. That’s why it’s often helpful to speak to a medical professional, for example, who can give you, and the jury, a realistic picture of how much financial loss you’re going to face even after your lawsuit is decided. You might be able to do the same for your future lost income if it looks like you’re going to be out of work for a while or you’ll be unable to return to a similar paying profession.

  • Take a close look at how your life has changed: By pursuing a personal injury lawsuit, you might be able to recover noneconomic damages, such as pain and suffering. It’s very hard to put a value on these losses, but you can do so by painting a picture that shows exactly what your accident injuries have taken from you.

  • Limit your fault: Any award of compensation may be diminished by the percentage of fault allocated to you. So you need to be prepared to defend yourself against allegations of comparative fault.

While putting forth evidence of your damages can increase your chances of convincing a jury to award you an appropriate amount of compensation, it can also serve as a starting point for settlement negotiations. The point is, your case probably isn’t going anywhere if you haven’t prepared it. That’s why it’s probably in your best interests to work with an attorney who will know how to put in the work your case deserves to maximize your chances of success.