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Pedestrian Accidents Attorney in Plymouth, Michigan

Pedestrians are extremely vulnerable in an accident involving any kind of motor vehicle. Children at play, joggers, people walking to work or walking the dog can suffer serious and even fatal injuries if hit by a car. Unfortunately, many people do not know their rights. Others have difficulty fighting with the insurance companies that likely will not put the interests of the accident victim first. I am here to turn the tables against the power of big business.

I am attorney Kurt M. Schultz in Plymouth, Michigan. I represent walkers and joggers who have been struck by careless, drunk or distracted drivers in metro Detroit, Livonia, Novi and throughout Southeast Michigan.

Regardless of the circumstances of your accident, I offer a free consultation to discuss your case. Call me.

My practice is founded on helping accident victims get the respect and dignity they deserve after a tragic event. I draw on a strong blue-collar work ethic and 18 years of experience fighting for accident victims to achieve meaningful results and maximize compensation for my clients.

Pedestrians & Michigan No-Fault Benefits

Michigan no-fault insurance covers anyone who is injured in an accident involving a motor vehicle, including pedestrians, bicyclists and children in strollers who are struck by cars. No-fault insurance covers your economic losses from an accident, including your necessary medical bills, lost wages, payment of up to $20 a day for certain household services and chores performed for you by a friend or loved one, and assistance paid by the hour for personal services such as dressing, bathing, grooming and more.

These are but a few of the benefits you may be entitled to. Again, these benefits are available regardless of how the car accident occurred, even if you caused the accident. If the accident was caused by someone other than yourself, you may also be entitled to money damages for your pain and suffering.

Generally speaking, a pedestrian always has the “right of way.” Here are some examples of times when the driver may be at fault:

  • A car strikes you in a crosswalk, whether the crosswalk is marked or not

  • A car makes a right turn into you while you are crossing with a green light

  • A car backs into you in a parking lot

  • A car strikes your child in an area where signs warn motorists to watch out for children

  • A car strikes you on a sidewalk

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Even though the driver of the car may clearly be at fault, it’s important to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Drivers often try to shift blame to pedestrians by claiming they moved suddenly into traffic, giving them no chance to brake.

Pedestrians can suffer serious injuries such as brain or spinal cord damage when they are struck by cars. These types of injuries, and injuries such as herniated discs, are incredibly painful and can plague a person for the rest of their lives if not properly treated. As your lawyer, I will work hard to ensure that you receive the medical care and the compensation you deserve under the law.

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To discuss your pedestrian accident case with me, attorney Kurt M. Schultz, call me at (734) 451-0900 or complete my simple contact form. The Law Offices of Kurt M. Schultz, PLLC, is in historic downtown Plymouth, and I serve clients throughout southeastern Michigan. If you would like to meet with me for a formal appointment but are unable to come to my office, I may be able to come to you.