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Explosion Potentially Caused by Faulty Stove or Installation

Kurt Schultz May 18, 2022

When we buy new appliances and have them installed, we expect them to be safe. We expect the installation to be professional and the appliance to work. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, as one Michigander may have experienced first-hand.

The Accident

The 66-year-old woman died in her mobile home on Aug. 20. She was killed by a fire that likely resulted from a gas explosion. The Taylor Fire Department stated that explosion appeared to have happened near the woman’s gas stove. She is survived several siblings, a daughter and grandchildren.

The Cause?

The TFD stated that the gas stove that exploded was new. It was recently installed by a third-party contractor that was hired through an unnamed home improvement store.

According to the woman’s brother, she recently received a cancer diagnosis and started chemotherapy. Loss of smell is a common side effect of chemotherapy, and prior to the explosion, the woman’s neighbors reported smelling natural gas. Crews could find no other possible gas leaks in the surrounding area.

While officials have deemed the explosion accidental, meaning, not purposeful, the investigation is ongoing. The companies involved are also investigating to see if a recall is warranted for the stove.

Options After an Appliance Explosion

Of course, the cause of the explosion is not official yet. However, the fact speak volumes as the possible causes, which include both the instillation of the gas stove and the stove itself. After all, a strong natural gas smell was smelled prior to the explosion and no other source was found.

As such, the surviving family members should contact an attorney immediately. If the install was caused by a faulting installation, the family could file a type of personal injury lawsuit called a wrongful death lawsuit. This would hold the installer, third-party installer, third-party installation company and the home improvement company responsible for this woman’s death. If, on the other hand, it is found that the explosion was caused by the product, a wrongful death lawsuit or products liability lawsuit could be filed.

Regardless of the eventual finding though, a call with an attorney can help frame what is needed. It can also give the grieving family some hope for justice.