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A Serious Personal Injury Can Affect Many Areas of Your Life

Kurt Schultz May 18, 2022

In our time serving the hardworking men and women of Plymouth, Michigan, we have seen how a negligent personal injury affects all areas of their lives. When an injury is serious, it takes victims away from their jobs. This means they have few financial resources with which to pay medical bills. If recovery takes too long, victims may even lose their jobs altogether.

Without a job to return to when your recovery is complete, your bills may go unpaid, posing even more financial hardships upon you and your family. It is a vicious cycle that seems unending to victims of a preventable injury. Unless they act quickly, their hard-earned savings will disappear. If the injury results in any form of disability, the consequences will continue to worsen.

As advocates for those injured through negligence, we want all our readers and neighbors in Plymouth to know that help is available. For many, filing a personal injury claim is the best option for lessening the financial damage that usually comes with an injury caused by another party’s negligent actions. Such a claim may be appropriate when an injury occurs in the following ways.

  • A negligent motorist collides with your vehicle

  • You suffer an injury on someone’s dangerous property

  • A person’s pet attacks you

  • Slipping and falling on poorly maintained commercial property

  • A vehicle strikes you as you are walking near a roadway

These are just a few examples we offer to give you an idea of whether you qualify for this legal solution. You can learn more about injuries and your legal options by reaching out to an experienced law firm. You may also learn more by continuing to browse our website and our blog.