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4 common places where slip-and-fall accidents occur

Slip, trip and fall injuries are disturbingly common. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, fall accidents are the leading cause of emergency room visits. You may slip or trip and fall at almost any place, from your own home to retail stores. Where your accident occurs is among that factors that can influence whether you can file a lawsuit and obtain damages. 

What could happen if you drive uninsured?

When you do not have a lot of money, you might get creative about paying bills. One payment that may fall by the wayside is car insurance. Yes, you need a car to get to work, but keeping a roof over your head and the heat on may be more important.

Top 3 causes of winter car accidents

Fall is in full swing, and winter is just around the corner. It is already starting to rain here in the Plymouth area, and pretty soon it will be snow. These harsh weather conditions that may be all too familiar for you can cause serious dangers on the road. Unskilled, negligent or tourist drivers may not know how to handle these conditions and crash into you.

3 common causes of slip and fall accidents

Slipping and falling can have serious consequences. In fact, approximately 1 million people go to the emergency room every year because of slipping and falling, according to the National Floor Safety Institute. Slip and fall accidents can cause torn ligaments, bone fractures, traumatic brain injuries and even death. 

3 safety tips for Michigan bicyclists

While drivers should look out for bicyclists, you should take some safety precautions too. If you frequently ride your bike around Detroit, you might get into some predicaments, especially when there are no bike lanes. The consequences of getting into an accident with a motor vehicle can be devastating. This is why protecting yourself while you bike is crucial.

3 tips for bicyclists to reduce chances of injury and death

If you ride your bike frequently, you know it is an effective method of transportation, with health and environmental benefits. Whether you use your bike daily to commute to work or you ride on weekends for exercise, you must be prepared for the worst. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, bicyclists are more likely to get injuries or die from crashes than people in motor vehicles.

3 steps to take to recover lost income after a car accident

If you get into a car accident and suffer serious injuries, you might not be able to work for a certain period of time. You might be wondering how you are going to survive without your wages for the next few weeks or months. Thankfully, there is compensation available even if you do not have car insurance in Michigan.

Dog bite liability in Michigan

If you or one of your family members ever suffered a serious dog bite, you probably understand the toll such an event can take on a person not only physically but also emotionally. Dog bites can be relatively minor in nature and leave only temporary scars, or they can have catastrophic and even deadly repercussions.

6 risks of accidents during the spring and summer months

There’s probably no better season than spring. Flowers start to bloom, fresh vegetables sprout up in your garden and you can finally get back outside doing what you love. With this extra activity, the risk of accidents increases. Here are six reasons you have to be even more careful in the spring when you are out on the road. 


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