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Distracted and aggressive driving a problem in school zones

Distracted drivers can cause both car accidents and pedestrian accidents. Michigan ranks forty-seventh of the fifty states when it comes to distracted driving in school zones. Although Michigan falls near the bottom with regard to overall distracted driving in school zones, a recent report reveals that Michigan is the worst state when it comes to distracted phone use and aggressive acceleration near school zones.

Pedestrian struck by alleged drunk driver

Because pedestrian accident victims can suffer such catastrophic injuries, it is important for them to be familiar with the legal rights afforded to them following an unexpected pedestrian accident, as can be seen by one recent incident. There, in a Michigan community a couple hours west of the Wayne County area, a pedestrian accident left the victim critically injured. The 41-year old victim was transported to the hospital following the wreck, which appears to have been caused by an alleged drunk driver. The 38-year old driver was arrested at the scene of the accident on suspicion of operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

Fatal Detroit-area pedestrian accident claims life

A recent fatal pedestrian accident in a neighboring community north of the Detroit-area left one woman dead. The victim was described as in her 30s or 40s and died at the scene of the pedestrian accident. Reports indicate that a 61-year old woman driving a minivan struck and killed the victim as she was crossing the street. Authorities reported that neither speed nor alcohol appeared to be factors in the crash, but the matter remains under investigation as the police continue to seek additional witnesses.

Pedestrian accident victims should know about legal protections

There is no question that pedestrian accidents can be severe with serious consequences for victims. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA), each year close to 5,000 pedestrians die in pedestrian accidents with motor vehicles, and approximately 76,000 pedestrian victims suffered injuries in 2012 as a result of being struck by a motor vehicle such as a car or truck. This is troubling since pedestrian accidents can mean unexpected damages for victims with which they are forced to deal.

Recent pedestrian accident leaves victim in critical condition

In a Michigan community two hours west of the Wayne County area, a recent hit-and-run pedestrian accident left the victim in critical condition. The local department of public safety is investigating the incident. According to police, a vehicle with two men in it struck the victim, failed to stop, and then left the scene. Witnesses reported that the vehicle that struck the pedestrian was a gray car with front-end damage.

A pedestrian accident could leave a victim with a brain injury

One of the most important organs in the human body is the brain. Long considered to be one of the most complex systems known to humankind, the brain functions are essential for human life. The good news is that in most living organisms, including humans, the brain is protected by a strong and sturdy skull. That does not mean that it is immune to injury however. Any impact with the head could lead a victim to a traumatic brain injury, or TBI.

What is duty of care of drivers towards pedestrians?

If you think about the collision of two objects, a motor-vehicle and a pedestrian - who is more likely to suffer injuries? It is fairly obvious that a pedestrian is at a severe disadvantage compared to a person who is behind the wheel of a motor-vehicle. Not only are cars large, move fast and made of steel, they also protect their drivers. Often, drivers involved in pedestrian accidents walk away from an accident without a scratch.

Spring is nearly here and warm weather means more pedestrians

Up here in the southeast Michigan area we have been graced with a few glimpses of warm weather, a nice reminder that spring is nearly here. As the weather continues to warm up, we will notice an increase of pedestrians on the road.

Even the wintertime can see pedestrian accidents in Michigan

While it may seem like spring and summer in Michigan are the times when pedestrian accidents may be more common, pedestrian accidents can happen even in the wintertime. After all, people still walk to work, children still play outdoors and someone needs to walk the dog. Unfortunately, when it comes to an accident between an automobile and a pedestrian, the results can be deadly.


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