Mission Statement

My Mission Statement

Greetings. My name is Kurt M. Schultz, and I am proud to say that I am a personal injury attorney. I take tremendous pleasure in my job because I get to help people. I went to college and law school at Wayne State University. While attending school I lived and worked in Detroit. I paid for my own education by working as a bartender and waiting tables. Nothing was handed to me. I earned it. And that is how I approach my law practice. I put the time in, work hard and earn it every single day.

This area of law has been my passion and primary focus for well over a decade. At the risk of boasting, I have had a fair amount of success in that time and have considered hiring additional attorneys and becoming a “large law firm.” I had been considering expanding for some time until it occurred to me that I went to law school to be a lawyer, not a businessman. I want to be the person who calls you to discuss what is going on with your case and answer your questions. Not my paralegal, me. I want to come to your house and meet with you if you are unable to come to my office. Not some “runner” or “private investigator” paid by my firm, me. I want to go to court on your behalf, sit next to you during depositions and help you get what you deserve. Not an associate attorney, me. That is why I have chosen to remain a small law firm. So I can actually be a lawyer and personally help people.

Contrary to what is said in the many, many commercials aired by big plaintiff law firms, insurance companies have no fear whatsoever of any law firm. The only thing insurance companies fear is a well-prepared case. The notion that just because “so and so” represents you, an insurance company is just going to cave in and throw money at you is just ridiculous. Moreover, often it seems that unless you are incredibly horrifically injured and have a monster lawsuit, your case may get lost in the “big law firm shuffle” so to speak, or worse, referred out to a different firm altogether. I met a woman recently who retained a very large firm that anyone living in Michigan has heard of. She had been with this firm for over a year and had yet to meet or even speak with any attorney. Not the big name attorney, ANY attorney! She did not know what was going on with her case, why medical bills were not getting paid or if a lawsuit was even filed! She was lost in the shuffle. I find that deplorable.

I believe that the results I achieve for my clients are as good as or better than any firm out there. In fact, the vast majority of my current clients were referred to me by my former clients. That fact makes me feel very good. I take pride in that. I take pride in the fact that I have held onto some “blue collar” even though my collar is white these days. I choose to talk with my clients, not down to them. I choose to own American cars, not fancy imports. I take pride in these things.

Even more unrealistic than all the law firm commercials on television are those for insurance companies. Insurance companies like to make you feel that if you purchase their coverage, you will be safe and protected. Unfortunately, it seems that the insurance companies are the ones that you need to be protected from! They are corporate entity after all. And like all corporations, their primary goal is to make money for their shareholders. Insurance companies make money by collecting your premiums. They lose money by paying on claims. So they will often do whatever they can to avoid, delay or deny your claim. In short, they are not necessarily a “good neighbor,” and you are not always in “good hands.”

Truth be told I cannot guarantee you that I will recover a million dollars for you. Or even a hundred thousand. No honest attorney can make such a “guarantee,” and any attorney who does is simply telling you what you want to hear in order for you to retain him/her. What I can guarantee is that when you retain my firm, you will know who your attorney is. And more importantly, he will know you too. I work for my clients. I mean that literally and figuratively. Not only will I “work hard” for you, but in representing you I quite literally “work for you.” Seems like many attorneys forget that fact. Not me. I also pledge brutal honesty, timely communication and tireless effort.

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