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Understanding the basics of Michigan's no-fault act

Michigan's no-fault insurance law is designed to ensure that individuals injured in car accidents timely receive compensation for their medical costs and lost income. Because the law also places limits on claims with the intention that individuals who have been injured can quickly receive benefits, it is important for car accident victims to be familiar with the legal options available to help protect them.

Recovering compensation from an uninsured driver

By law, every person with a driver's license is expected to maintain motor vehicle insurance. There is a bare minimum required of all those who operate a motor vehicle. It may not cover the driver's own medical expenses or property damage if involved in an accident, but it would cover the injuries of anyone else who is injured, if the insured driver was at fault. What happens if the driver at fault was uninsured?

What's the deal with no-fault insurance in Michigan?

If you own a car in Michigan, you know you have to have motor vehicle insurance in force before you get behind the wheel. You can't even register the vehicle without the coverage. There is a minimum amount mandated by the no-fault insurance law and the purpose is to ensure certain essential benefits to any victim of a motor vehicle accident.

Applying comparative fault to uninsured motorist cases

For those in Wayne County who have been involved in car accidents, the first fear that many have is that the other driver involved is uninsured. Those fears may be well founded; after all, the Insurance Information Institute reports that as recently as 2012, 21 percent of Michigan’s motorists were uninsured, giving the state the fifth highest percentage of such drivers in the country.

Should you purchase uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage?

Everybody knows that when they get behind the wheel of a car, they take the risk of getting into a crash. This, of course, is why we purchase automobile insurance. Every state has slightly different requirements in terms of the type and amounts of insurance which must be purchased by motorists.

What is uninsured motorists insurance?

For most individuals in Michigan, discussing your car insurance is probably not the best topic to win friends and influence people. Many consider insurance a boring topic and only insurance agents, when they are attempting to sell you a policy, really are interested in spending much time on the topic.


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