Staying safe as a pedestrian this winter

Staying safe as a pedestrian this winter

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2022 |

In the winter weather, with ice and snow on the roads, it can be even more dangerous than normal to be a pedestrian. There is always an inherent risk that someone may make a mistake and strike you while you’re walking near traffic, but that risk is increased in the winter because drivers may not be able to stop or react as quickly.

For instance, if you start crossing the road and then a distracted driver looks up and sees that the light is red, even if they hit the brakes, they may still slide through that intersection on the ice. You need to be especially wary all winter long.

What can you do to reduce the odds of an accident?

You can’t always avoid accidents because most of the responsibility here falls on drivers, and you pay the price when they are negligent. But there are a few things you can do, including:

  •       Always using crosswalks
  •       Staying on the sidewalk
  •       Obeying traffic signals
  •       Not wearing headphones
  •       Not looking at your phone
  •       Wearing bright clothes
  •       Wearing lights or reflective clothing at night
  •       Walking toward traffic if you have to walk in the street
  •       Always assuming drivers do not see you

These tips can certainly be helpful, and you should keep them in mind. However, the driver still may be at fault if you get injured, even if you don’t follow these tips. It is not illegal to wear headphones while you walk or run, for instance, even though it can lead to a greater level of distraction. If a driver injures you as a pedestrian, you must know how to seek compensation.