Be safe when doing your last-minute holiday shopping

Be safe when doing your last-minute holiday shopping

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2021 |

As you prepare for the upcoming winter holidays, it’s common to realize at the last minute that you have left a vital gift or ingredient off of your shopping list. So, you rush out the door intent on checking off that last to-do task.

However, in your hurry to complete your holiday shopping, don’t let safety take a back seat to your haste. Below are some tips for safer shopping.

Don’t make yourself an easy target

Last-minute shoppers are not the only ones out in the days and hours before the holiday celebration. Thieves target distracted shoppers as well. Make sure that you remain focused on the task at hand and remain aware of your surroundings at all times.

Don’t fumble for keys at your car door

This supplies muggers and thieves with the ideal opportunity to strike. Your hands are full, you are preoccupied with locating your keys and not paying attention to someone approaching with ill intent. Before leaving the store, have your keys in your hand as you stride purposefully toward your vehicle.

Ask security to escort you to your car

If you have any reason to feel uneasy about walking from store to car, ask the security officer on duty to accompany you through the parking lot to your car.

Lax security can lead to lawsuits

Companies have a duty to their customers to keep their premises safe for business, especially around the holidays when more people are shopping. If a store neglects to post sufficient security to protect its premises and a shopper gets mugged, hurt or killed, that store is liable for the damages that were incurred.

Learning more about the premises liability laws in Michigan can help you determine what to do after a lapse of security leads to your injuries.