There are many motorcycle accidents in Michigan each year

There are many motorcycle accidents in Michigan each year

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During these summer months in Michigan, people generally like to take advantage of being outdoors while it is warm enough to do it. People go camping, take walks and hikes, have barbecues with friends and family, go swimming and do many other activities outside. One of these other activities is riding motorcycles. There are only so many months people can ride in Michigan and riders like to take advantage of the warm weather.

This means there are many motorcycles are on the roads each day and it is important for the other drivers on the road to be aware of them. Motorcycle accidents can be particularly devastating for the riders who have very little protection between themselves and the road. When they are in accidents it is common for the rider to suffer injuries and unfortunately there are many riders who are in motorcycle accidents each year.

Motorcycle accident statistics

In 2020, there were a total of 3,092 motorcycle accidents. People suffered injuries in 2,285 of those accidents and 160 of the accidents resulted in a fatality. That means that almost 74% of motorcycle accidents result in injuries and 5% result in fatalities. To highlight the dangerousness of motorcycle accidents, only approximately 19% of accidents involving cars and pickup trucks resulted in injuries and approximately 0.3% resulted in fatalities.

These accidents occur on any type of road, but local streets seem to be the most dangerous. There were 1,912 motorcycle accidents on local roads, which represents approximately 62% of all motorcycle crashes.

As demonstrated above, there are many motorcycle accidents on Michigan roads each year. There is a good likelihood that the rider will be injured in these accidents as well. The injuries can require significant medical treatment and people may be unable to work while they recover as well. The driver who caused the accident may be required to compensate the victim though. This compensation will not heal the injuries, but it can still be very valuable as people can suffer financially as well as physically. Consulting with experienced attorneys who understand the devastation of motorcycle accidents could be helpful.