Grocery store slip-and-fall injuries

Grocery store slip-and-fall injuries

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Grocery shopping is a regular activity that most people do weekly or monthly without ever considering that it could cause them to suffer a serious injury. Slip-and-fall accidents happen more often in grocery stores than shoppers may realize.

Common injuries

A slip-and-fall in a grocery store can happen in several ways. A customer could slip on snow or ice in an entryway, could trip over a store display or shopping cart, or could fall because the store did not properly mop up cleaning solutions. His or her injury could also be caused by poor lighting or poor visibility.

These injuries can include cuts and bruises, fractures, broken bones and in some serious situations, may require hospitalization. They can cause the injured person to lose time away from work while he or she heals, resulting in financial impact to themselves and to the family members that may rely on them for support.


For a store to be responsible for the customer’s injuries, the owner or an employee of the business must have caused the dangerous condition such as a spill or a dangerous surface.

Also, he or she must have known about the dangerous condition and did not correct it or should have known about it based on a reasonable person standard, which means that a reasonable person would have discovered the condition and removed or repaired it.

If a person is injured in a slip-and-fall accident, an experienced attorney can provide representation and advice. The attorney can also pursue compensation on the injured person’s behalf.