Pileup accident on I-94 leaves a motorist dead

Pileup accident on I-94 leaves a motorist dead

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2021 |

An accident on Interstate 94 turned deadly after a motorist got of his vehicle.

Michigan State Police, who were investigating the incident, said that a first collision happened close to 5:30 a.m., at the very beginning of the morning commute for many Detroiters. The first accident involved 5 separate vehicles, but police did not report any injuries from the first crash.

However, for some reason, a driver in one of the vehicles involved in the crash emerged from his vehicle while police were on the way to the scene. At some point, another vehicle passing the site slammed into the driver after he had gotten out his car. The driver who got hit died in the second impact.

Police indicated that they would continue to investigate the accident.

It is important for drivers to use caution around stalled or damaged vehicles

While it is ideal for those involved in an accident to stay in their vehicles if they are in or near the flow of traffic, there are many reasons why a person might get out of his vehicle.

It is also important to remember that in Michigan, drivers need to slow down and give plenty of space to vehicles involved in an accident.

While Michigan’s Move Over Law would apply if a police car, ambulance or tow truck as active at the scene, the logic behind this law applies to many other situations as well.

After all, whether inside their vehicles or not, motorists who have just been involved in an accident are highly vulnerable.

As this sad story shows, a vehicle traveling at full speed can turn an accident only involving property into a fatal collision or a wreck involving a catastrophic injury like severe brain trauma or paralysis.

Michigan drivers need to use caution when approaching stalled vehicles or the aftermath of a fender-bender. If they are not cautious, they may cause losses for which they would be financially accountable.