Strict liability in Michigan dog bite cases

Strict liability in Michigan dog bite cases

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Dogs are amazing companions and live in thousands of Michigan homes. Unfortunately, not all dogs are cared for and trained to be well-behaved around humans. When a dog inflicts an injury on a person, their owner may likely hold some form of liability for the victim’s losses.

This post will introduce readers to the topic of strict liability and how it influences dog bite cases in Michigan. This post does not provide any legal advice and all questions about dog bite claims should be directed to trusted personal injury attorneys. Dog bites are serious and legal action may be necessary to right the wrongs inflicted by unsafe pets.

What is strict liability?

Strict liability is an important concept in personal injury law. When someone is strictly liable for a loss, it means the victim does not have to prove negligence on the part of the responsible party to recover. The occurrence of the event is enough to make the responsible party strictly liable for the victim’s losses.

In the context of a dog bite case, a person who is bitten by a dog may sue the dog’s owner for their losses. While they may have to show that it was the specific dog that caused their injuries, they likely will not have to show that the dog’s owner caused the biting incident to happen.

Are there any exceptions to the strict liability rule?

There are some situations where a dog bite victim may not be able to recover their losses under strict liability. For example, if a person was bitten by a dog while wrongfully trespassing on the property of the dog’s owner, then they may not be able to recover their losses. Legal presence in the location where the bite occurred is an important part of recovering on a dog bite claim.

Additionally, if a person provokes or teases a dog into attacking them, they may not be able to recover their losses. There are many nuances in the law surrounding dog bites and attacks. When an injury is caused by a dog, it is a good idea for a victim to seek the counsel of a trusted personal injury lawyer.