What is an uninsured motorist?

What is an uninsured motorist?

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Driving is a privilege that many Michigan residents enjoy. It allows them to exercise the freedom to get into a motor vehicle and operate it to their intended destination. In order to receive driving permission in the form of a driver’s license, a person must pass tests to demonstrate their knowledge of driving laws and understanding of motor vehicle operation.

Another requirement to drive in Michigan is the possession of vehicle insurance. Insurance is acquired through a contract with an insurance company, which agrees to provide a driver with compensation for losses if they are in an accident in exchange for policy premium payments. Drivers can choose to buy different types of insurance to protect them against different forms of calamities.

From time to time, drivers get into accidents caused by others, and they attempt to seek the recovery of their losses from the negligent drivers’ insurers. They may get a bad surprise to learn that not all drivers carry car insurance as required. When this happens, the uninsured driver may not have the financial capacity to provide their victim with compensation for their losses.

Uninsured motorist insurance

Getting into an accident with an uninsured driver can be a difficult situation to deal with. However, drivers can carry uninsured motorist coverage on their own policies to protect them from these unfortunately common events. Michigan’s No Fault Act can also influence how compensation is offered to motor vehicle accident victims. Filing a claim to seek compensation from an uninsured motorist policy can be difficult, and victims can choose to seek the help of personal injury attorneys when this happens.

Compensation after a car accident

There are different ways that car accident victims can seek compensation for their accident-related losses. Litigation is an option, and some victims may receive offers of settlement from opposing parties or insurers shortly after their incidents occur. When a party to an accident is an uninsured driver, this can complicate matters and leave victims with more questions than answers. It is always an option for a motor vehicle accident victim to work with a personal injury attorney to help them understand their options and protect their rights when questions and concerns arise in their claims.