Recent car accident in nearby Detroit leaves police puzzled

Recent car accident in nearby Detroit leaves police puzzled

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Most of our readers in the Plymouth area know some of the common causes of car accidents these days: distracted driving, speeding, drunk driving and drowsy driving, among many others. However, sometimes the cause of motor vehicle accidents can take quite a bit of investigation to determine. That appears to be what is needed after a recent car accident in nearby Detroit.

According to the reports, the accident in question occurred on New Year’s Eve, during the late evening hours. Two vehicles were reportedly involved in the collision, a Mercury Sable and a Cadillac. The Mercury was torn into two pieces by the crash, with a photo of the scene showing the front half of the car some distance away from the other half, and with debris scattered over the street where the crash occurred – Michigan Avenue.

At the time of the initial reports, law enforcement officials were still working to determine how the crash occurred because, to their puzzlement, it appears that both cars were headed in the same direction at the time of the crash. Two people in the Mercury died at the scene of the crash, and one person in the Cadillac died after being transported for medical care. Initial details also pointed to reports that at least two other people were in one of the vehicles at the time of the crash, but that they fled the scene on foot.

The aftermath of a car accident

The immediate aftermath of a car accident can be a confusing time, both for those who survive the event and the family members of those who die in fatal collisions. Anyone in Michigan who has been injured in a car accident or who has lost a loved one in an accident may be able to take legal action.