Motorcyclists 27-times more likely to die in crashes

Motorcyclists 27-times more likely to die in crashes

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As many Detroit-area bike enthusiasts know, there are few joys quite like setting out on the open road behind the handlebars of a motorcycle. As a biker, you feel the rush of wind, the roar of the motor and each movement of the bike. Furthermore, it’s not only an exciting way to travel; with gas prices changing every day, it can also be an affordable way to get around.

But it’s also common knowledge that a motorcycle provides its rider with far less protection than an enclosed vehicle would, such as a car or truck, in the case of a crash. Not only are motorcyclists more vulnerable to hazardous road conditions and bad weather, sadly, they are also significantly more likely to be seriously injured or killed in a wreck.

Motorcyclists are said to be approximately 27-times more likely to die in crashes compared to riders in passenger cars, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Moreover, the state police say there were a total of 2,728 motorcycle crashes in Michigan in 2018, including 134 that resulted in deaths and 2,004 that caused injuries. It’s unfortunate that by their very nature motorcycles are so uncrashworthy. Bikes are also less visible, and inattentive drivers and pedestrians can easily fail to spot them, resulting in accidents in Wayne County and elsewhere.

Physically, it takes a different set of skills to safely control the two wheels of a motorcycle, compared to operating the stable four wheels of a car. Mentally, bikers need to maintain their focus and also keep a wide awareness of their surroundings, potential hazards on the road and threats from other drivers. Bikers need to recognize that safety should be everyone’s priority, but that you can’t rely on other drivers to always see your motorcycle and give you the road space you need.

Getting legal help after an accident

The worst could happen to anyone. If you are a motorcyclist injured in a vehicle crash, it’s critical that you know your legal rights. Talk to an experienced Detroit-area lawyer who understands what it’s like to be a biker and who wants to fight on your behalf to see you get the fairest treatment under Michigan law and as much financial compensation as possible.