Make sure you get the Michigan car insurance payout you deserve

Make sure you get the Michigan car insurance payout you deserve

On Behalf of | May 5, 2020 |

If you pay for car insurance in Detroit, you know how expensive it is. Michigan has the highest car insurance policies of any state in the country for the seventh year in a row. It is more than three times higher than Maine (the cheapest state) and 90% higher than the average across the country. So the least you can expect is that your insurance company will pay out if you have a car accident while driving in Detroit. 

Sadly, insurance companies are more concerned with making a profit for their shareholders than looking after you. One report suggests auto insurance companies will make an extra $100 billion because people are not driving their cars much at the moment.

No one gets rich by giving money away, at least that is how the insurance companies will look upon it if you have a car crash. They rely on honest, hardworking Detroit people like you, to be wowed by the amount they initially offer. When you do not have a lot of spare cash, even a few thousand dollars can sound like a lot of money, and it can be tempting to say yes to their first offer. That would be the wrong thing to do and that is what the insurance companies and their shareholders want you to do.

What you should do, if you have a car accident, is to get in touch with a local attorney who knows how much the insurance company should be paying you and will fight to get it.