What happens if you get hit by drag racers in Detroit?

What happens if you get hit by drag racers in Detroit?

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2020 |

With drag racing becoming an increasing problem on Detroit’s streets, the chance of innocent pedestrians getting injured or killed is a real worry.

The latest accident happened on Sunday afternoon when two cars that were racing against each other crashed into a parked car. Fortunately, they did not injure anyone apart from themselves, but it could have easily been different; the crash happened outside a busy grocery store. If you were out getting your groceries at the time, you could have been injured or killed.

Whether you think that drag racers are kids having a bit of fun or are irresponsible and a danger to society, you have the right to go to the shops without getting injured through no fault of your own.

Suffering a pedestrian accident could leave you hospitalized, unable to work or worse. Even if your physical injuries were mild, the psychological damage caused by knowing you almost died could last for years.

If you do get hit by a car, there are two legal routes to consider: Michigan no-fault insurance and suing for damages. No-fault insurance covers you for medical expenses, medical travel expenses and loss of earnings. However, it does not in any way compensate you for the trauma, both mental and physical that you suffer.

If you suffer a pedestrian accident due to drag racers or any other type of vehicle in Detroit, the insurance company is not going to pay you any more than it has to. You need an attorney who is going to fight hard to get you all that you deserve.