The top 4 ways cars can knock you off your motorcycle

The top 4 ways cars can knock you off your motorcycle

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2020 |

If you ride a motorcycle in Southeast Michigan, you know how bad the driving here can be. Every time you fire up your bike, you need to be on high alert to the dangers around you. Car drivers can be a distracted bunch; sometimes, they never even see you.

These are the top four ways that car drivers cause accidents to motorcyclists in the U.S.:


  • Left-turned: They make a left turn across you, and you go down. Left turning drivers are the number one danger to motorcyclists.


  • Lane-changed: The car pulls into your lane without noticing you are there, leaving you sprawling. Many cars have blind spots in their mirrors, and the drivers fail to double-check.


  • Rear-ended: You stopped, they didn’t. Car drivers often fail to stop at junctions or pedestrian crossings and carry on driving straight through you.


  • Door-slammed: They step out of the car without looking, leaving you to ride straight into their open door.


Too many motorcyclists are knocked off their bikes each year in Michigan by car drivers who did not see them. Whether they were distracted, forgot to look or due to some other reason, the results are the same.

If a negligent car driver in Michigan causes you to have a motorcycle accident, you could suffer serious personal injuries. It could affect your ability to work and carry on life as before. Many people see motorcyclists as dangerous thrill-seekers. It can take a skilled and hard-working attorney to prove that the real danger was the car driver.