Street racing: If you’re caught in the middle, you could be hurt

Street racing: If you’re caught in the middle, you could be hurt

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2020 |

When the streets have few vehicles on them, it’s more common to see people race each other. They might think that they’re not causing any harm, but there are real hazards created by not obeying traffic laws.

Part of drift (or street) racing is understeering and oversteering. When a person understeers, they may take a turn too close and end up going off the road. Similarly, oversteering can result in the tail of the vehicle swinging out, which can lead to the vehicle spinning out.

At slower speeds, neither of these are a significant risk. However, once you get up to racing speeds, over- or understeering can pose a serious threat to those inside the racing vehicle as well as others watching or participating in the race.

Street racing is extremely dangerous, which is why it’s illegal in many areas across the country. While it is a social activity that many people like, it’s simply not safe. People driving normally on the streets could find themselves in the middle of a street race and end up in a crash because of the other vehicles moving at high speeds.

What should you do if you’re hit by someone who was racing?

It’s important to do what you would always want to do, such as calling 911 and making sure those involved in the collision get medical care. If you are hurt, go to the hospital and seek treatment, so you can minimize the risk of secondary injuries.

Once you are on the road to recovery, you can speak with your attorney about your options for filing a claim against the other party. Their dangerous actions put your life at risk, so they should be held responsible.