Who’s responsible for your losses after a dog bite attack?

Who’s responsible for your losses after a dog bite attack?

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2020 |

Quite a few households across the state of Michigan have dogs for personal companionship, while other families may have working dogs on their Farms. Many countries have bird dogs or similarly trained animals that can help them improve their chances of success and keep them safer out in the woods. 

While the vast majority of canines in the state of Michigan are friendly, well-trained and safe, some dogs can become aggressive, violent and dangerous. If you or someone you love suffered a vicious dog by attack either on someone else’s property or in a public place like a park or a state forest, you likely want to know your rights and who’s liable for the injuries caused by the dog.

Michigan law has strict liability for dog owners

In many states, so-called one-bite statutes give a dog’s owner a free pass the first time it becomes violent for humans. Only dogs that are known to be dangerous create liability for their owners in these states. In Michigan, however, the current standard is strict liability for dog owners

Provided that the victim was not abusing the dog, breaking the law or trespassing at the time of the incident, the dog’s owner will very likely have liability for any losses the victim suffers. In some cases, is the dog’s owner will have insurance coverage that protects them from the financial liability their dog created when it attacked another person. 

Other times, due to a lapsed insurance policy or a dog breed excluded from coverage, the only option for compensation may be pursuing a civil lawsuit against the dog’s owner for medical costs, lost wages and property damage suffered because of the dog bite attack.