Damages you can recover after a truck accident

Damages you can recover after a truck accident

by | Apr 16, 2019 |

Large trucks are responsible for a significant number of traffic collisions that occur around Michigan. Truck accidents that involve tractor-trailers or semis are far more likely to result in serious injury or death than accidents involving two passenger vehicles due to the differences in size and weight of the vehicles. For example, a man recently lost his life after getting in an accident with a garbage truck in Green Lake County.

It is critical for victims of truck accidents to seek legal help right away and see what damages they can recover in the aftermath. The types of damages fall into two categories: economic and noneconomic.

Economic damages

Damages that have verifiable dollar amounts are economic damages. They include medical bills, lost wages and property damage. Victims should seek medical attention and save all medical reports and invoices for compensation or reimbursement. Vehicle repair bills and the cost of a rental vehicle also qualify as economic damages.

Lost wages may not only include the days of work missed as a direct result of the accident. If the victim has a reduced earning capacity due to injuries sustained in the crash, the court may calculate the amount of future earnings lost as a result.

Noneconomic damages

Some things in life do not come with a dollar amount attached. For example, pain and suffering are subjective, and so are emotional anguish and reduced quality of life. However, when victims of a truck accident suffer a debilitating accident, spend months in the hospital and rehabilitation, and are no longer able to participate in the life they enjoyed before, they should receive compensation for those damages.

Because of the subjective nature of these damages, though, a judge or jury will usually be responsible for determining the dollar amount to compensate for the losses.