Pedestrian struck by alleged drunk driver

Pedestrian struck by alleged drunk driver

by | Sep 22, 2017 |

Because pedestrian accident victims can suffer such catastrophic injuries, it is important for them to be familiar with the legal rights afforded to them following an unexpected pedestrian accident, as can be seen by one recent incident. There, in a Michigan community a couple hours west of the Wayne County area, a pedestrian accident left the victim critically injured. The 41-year old victim was transported to the hospital following the wreck, which appears to have been caused by an alleged drunk driver. The 38-year old driver was arrested at the scene of the accident on suspicion of operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

A pedestrian accident can change the lives of victims and their families forever. Victims may face a long and costly recovery process during which they are unable to work because of the injuries they have suffered. Together, their lost wages and medical expenses may cause extreme financial difficulty, adding to the emotional turmoil they may already be facing.

As a result, victims may want to try to recover compensation for their damages through a personal injury claim for damages. A successful lawsuit could allow a victim to recover compensation for the physical, financial, and emotional damages associated with a pedestrian accident, including medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering damages. However, in order to recover this compensation, an accident victim must prove that the driver who caused the crash was negligent.

There are a variety of ways a driver may be negligent, and thereby liable to compensate victims for their damages. Criminal citations or charges may be used as evidence of negligence, but they are not a necessary factor when deciding whether to file a personal injury lawsuit. This is why when a pedestrian accident victim has been harmed by a negligent driver, it is important that they are familiar with the legal elements they must prove in order to win a lawsuit and recover the money they need an deserve. Discussing their case with an experienced personal injury attorney may be a positive first step.

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