Common injuries in slip-and-fall accidents

Common injuries in slip-and-fall accidents

by | Jul 7, 2017 |

Slipping and falling may not seem like much of an accident. You may attribute it to your own clumsiness or view it as a part of life you just have to take. However, slip-and-fall incidents can lead to just as severe harm as other accidents.

The resulting injury brings with it many financial consequences: high medical bills, lost income and perhaps permanent disability. You deserve to recover compensation from the responsible party to pay for the effects the following common injuries may have on your quality of life.

Minor injuries

If you are lucky, you may only receive minor bodily harm, such as a strained muscle or a sprained joint from trying to catch your fall. These usually heal quickly and completely, though some strains and sprains can be severe, such as an injured rotator cuff. However, even minor damage still requires medical care you have to pay for, and prevents the ability to perform certain tasks at work, so do not discount it in your decision to speak to an attorney about suing.

Breaks and fractures

When you fall, you may land on your hip or arm, causing bones to fracture or break. Sometimes you may not notice a small fracture right away, so always have a doctor examine you after your accident to discover the full range of your injuries. The older you are, the more disabling a break or fracture can be.

Damage to the brain or spinal cord

The most dangerous kinds of injury you may receive are a traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury. These happen when you slip and fall backwards, and they have long-lasting effects on your health and finances. You may also damage your neck from whiplash and your back from landing on it.

There is no safe body part when it comes to slip-and-fall accidents. You have the potential to harm anything due to the unpredictable nature of falling. Be sure to document your injuries and maintain accurate medical records to help you in a lawsuit.