Focus on your rights after suffering car accident injury

Focus on your rights after suffering car accident injury

by | May 19, 2017 |

We all have heard the horror stories related to car accidents. Two or more vehicles are involved in a collision and all kinds of chaos ensues like rollovers, totaled vehicles and even car accident injury. We often hear these stories but never think something like this could happen to us or someone we love. Some Wayne County residents find this out the hard way when they or a loved one suffer a serious injury in a car accident.

Besides medical attention, many car accident victims first questions revolve around their rights. It is true that those involved in a car accident can file a personal injury lawsuit against a party or parties believed to have contributed to car accident injury. Whether due to a driver’s distracted driving behaviors, a speeding vehicle or even a failure on behalf of a vehicle manufacturer, there are many ways to seek retribution for car accident injury. Comparative negligence laws may even allow one to collect even if they were partially responsible for causing the car accident.

Permanent effects can continue to send shockwaves through a person’s life months or even years after a car accident injury occurred. These can be physical injuries that take much time and rehabilitation to heal or are injuries that result in permanent conditions. One may never have been diagnosed with serious impairments like paralysis or even brain damage had they not suffered car accident injury. These are just two of the many issues that may affect a car accident victim.

These injuries can certainly have an effect on a person’s work life. It may render them unable to perform the work they were once able to do. Obviously, this can result in an issue when a person is unable to work and thus unable to make a living wage. Lost wages can be accounted for in car accident injury suits.