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Focus on your rights after suffering car accident injury

We all have heard the horror stories related to car accidents. Two or more vehicles are involved in a collision and all kinds of chaos ensues like rollovers, totaled vehicles and even car accident injury. We often hear these stories but never think something like this could happen to us or someone we love. Some Wayne County residents find this out the hard way when they or a loved one suffer a serious injury in a car accident.

Recovering compensation from an uninsured driver

By law, every person with a driver's license is expected to maintain motor vehicle insurance. There is a bare minimum required of all those who operate a motor vehicle. It may not cover the driver's own medical expenses or property damage if involved in an accident, but it would cover the injuries of anyone else who is injured, if the insured driver was at fault. What happens if the driver at fault was uninsured?

Symptoms of a concussion can be delayed after a wreck

You likely know that any head injury can have both short- and long-term consequences. Head injuries, especially concussions, have garnered significant attention in the media in recent years. Many former sports stars have made the news due to the difficulties they are experiencing from repeated blows to the head over the course of their careers. Sports organizations have instituted so-called concussion protocols when an athlete takes a blow to the head.

Dog bite liability in Michigan

If you or one of your family members ever suffered a serious dog bite, you probably understand the toll such an event can take on a person not only physically but also emotionally. Dog bites can be relatively minor in nature and leave only temporary scars, or they can have catastrophic and even deadly repercussions.


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