Two struck by vehicle after stopping to aid teens in rollover

Two struck by vehicle after stopping to aid teens in rollover

by | Apr 7, 2017 |

In the midst of the rescue attempt, another vehicle struck the teenager and the female motorist on the Interstate. The vehicle was also driven by a teen, and the authorities have released that evidence at the scene points to intoxicated driving. However, the boy’s family, denies this accusation and says a toxicology report given by the hospital proves their version of events. Regardless, a full investigation will commence to determine what caused the two to be hit on the side of the road that day.

Sadly, the one of the good Samaritan’s feet needed amputation after the car accident. The other good Samaritan suffered a serious head injury in the collision too. The driver who struck the two good Samaritans suffered injuries as well. Teen drivers have a reputation for being reckless or distracted drivers, this is not always the case. However, there is no denying that teens were involved in this car accident from start to finish.

It wasn’t reported what the status was on the teens inside the overturned Jeep. The boy whose foot was amputated told his coach that ‘he would have to coach him in the Paralympics now.’ While somewhat melancholy, this car accident will certainly affect the rest of the teen’s life. It could change his entire future.

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