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March 2017 Archives

What is duty of care of drivers towards pedestrians?

If you think about the collision of two objects, a motor-vehicle and a pedestrian - who is more likely to suffer injuries? It is fairly obvious that a pedestrian is at a severe disadvantage compared to a person who is behind the wheel of a motor-vehicle. Not only are cars large, move fast and made of steel, they also protect their drivers. Often, drivers involved in pedestrian accidents walk away from an accident without a scratch.

Injuries after run-in with a MI drunk driver are compensable

Did you know that one in three traffic deaths are the result of a crash with an intoxicated or drunk driver? Drunk driving accidents are one type of accidents causing fatalities and injuries that are entirely preventable. This is because intoxicated drivers can make the responsible decision to choose a safe ride home. When drunk drivers do not choose this option, it can be the reason behind drivers and passengers becoming injured in a car accident. .

5 ways to head road rage off at the pass

Road rage is felt by millions of Americans, and at times it can get out of control and have deadly consequences. While you may get irritated and complain about a driver that cuts you off, there are those who will take the matter into their own hands and exact justice the way they feel it should be handled. These cases often result in tragedy that could have been prevented. Too often, the problem gets out of hand and it is too late to help.


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