The elderly may benefit from auto tech advancements

The elderly may benefit from auto tech advancements

by | Sep 13, 2016 |

Older Michigan drivers may benefit from new innovative vehicle safety features such as automatic robotic braking and oncoming traffic detection systems. While certain model vehicles already carry smart technology such as blind-spot warning systems, more of these features will be required for new cars by 2020, according to reports.

While the new safety features will help prevent crashes for all drivers, they are considered especially beneficial to senior motorists because of several factors. Drivers who are 70 years of age or older are more susceptible to injury, and they are more likely to become disoriented on congested intersections and on-ramps. Furthermore, as a person ages, their range of motion decreases. This can prevent a driver from looking around for hazards and noticing vehicles traveling nearby. A researcher for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s AgeLab said that the new technology will work to improve the mobility of older adult drivers.

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that by 2030, there will be about 54 million individuals in their 70s or older residing in the country. Researchers predict that nearly 80 percent of these people will still be driving. If new safety advancements are successful, that percentage could grow.

While technology is certainly improving road safety, not all car accidents are avoidable. For example, a car that features advanced safety technologies could still be rear-ended. It could also be smashed if it is part of a chain-reaction collision. If a negligent driver caused an accident that led to another motorist’s injuries, the victim might consider consulting with a personal injury attorney.