Bill could make talking on the phone while driving illegal

Bill could make talking on the phone while driving illegal

by | Sep 30, 2016 |

Michigan drivers should already be aware that texting and driving is illegal within the state. In order to take further actions to prevent distracted driving, a state representative has sponsored a bill that would make it illegal for drivers to engage in cellphone-to-ear conversations.

With older vehicles, drivers did not have to take their eyes off the road because they could feel what they were doing when it came to using the radio or changing the interior temperature. Many newer vehicles have turned to touchscreens, meaning that drivers often have to take their eyes off the road when they want to interact with their car. When using handheld cellphones on top of this, the drivers only become more distracted. Under the proposed bill, drivers would still be allowed to use mounted voice activated phones.

If the bill passed, first time offenders could face a $250 fine. If a second offense occurs, the fine doubles and the driver receives a point on their license. Even if the bill does not pass, it is hoped that more drivers take the initiative to stop engaging in distracted driving.

When distracted drivers cause car accidents, people who are injured often face high medical expenses, and in many cases they are unable to return to work for prolonged periods, further worsening their financial situation. In such an event, an attorney could assist an injured victim in seeking compensation for these and other losses through a personal injury lawsuit filed against the at-fault motorist.

Source: 9 & 10 News, “Michigan Bill Would Make Phone-to-Ear Conversations Illegal While Driving“, Adora Namigadde, Sept. 21, 2016