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April 2016 Archives

Safety at pedestrian crossing islands

Michigan pedestrians may be much safer at places on the road where there are pedestrian crossing islands and medians. According to a report from the Federal Highway Administration, motor vehicle crashes may be reduced by almost 40 percent and pedestrian knockdowns by more than 45 percent in these areas. The two are not quite the same thing. A median is simply an area between two opposing lanes, and while it might be a raised area, it may also simply be designated by lines painted on the road. A pedestrian crossing island is a raised area designed for pedestrians.

Even hands-free calls can be dangerous

Michigan residents may be familiar with the serious hazard of texting while behind the wheel of a vehicle. This issue has been a hot topic, with educational campaigns and legislative efforts targeting the need for hands-free driving. However, the issue of distraction extends beyond that of use of the hands to operate smartphones and other devices, and dangers are not completely eradicated just because hands-free technology is used for communicating while driving.


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