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February 2016 Archives

NHTSA says software is driver in self-driving car

The timeline for seeing self-driving cars on the highways may have shortened for people in Michigan and throughout the country based on a decision by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that federal law can consider the software the driver. The NHTSA posted a letter on its website on Feb. 4 that reported that decision as well as announcing the agency's willingness to work with developers to rewrite or even waive safety regulations that are holding up deployment of the cars.

Traffic fatality rate for 2015 may have risen sharply

Although the automobile has been around for just over a century, it has undergone an amazing evolution in that time. As car designs improve and new safety technology is adopted, car accident fatality and injury rates continue to decline. Unfortunately, however, the most dangerous hazards we face are the poor choices that other drivers make behind the wheel.


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