High speed and inexperience appear to have caused tragic crash

High speed and inexperience appear to have caused tragic crash

by | Dec 18, 2015 |

Every car accident is tragic. In virtually every case, something occurred that could have been prevented to change the outcome. In the vast majority of fatal car crashes, there is some form of negligence at work.

A driver consumes too much alcohol and attempts to drive home. A driver is traveling too fast during rain or inclement weather and loses control of their vehicle, crosses the centerline and strikes another vehicle head on.


A driver may be texting or otherwise distracted and fail to notice a stoplight has changed to red or that a vehicle has suddenly stopped in their lane. Or a truck driver, attempting to make a delivery schedule, stays on the road, falls asleep and causes a catastrophic crash.

The recent deaths of two teens in Penfield Township is terribly tragic, as the two girls were only 16- and 17-years-old. It is likely to leave their families and friends with a deep sense of sadness at this time of year. That sadness is mingled with the question “why?”

According to investigators, the vehicle was traveling at 103 miles per hour in the moments prior to leaving the road and crashing into a tree. The girls had apparently just left school and were driving on a rural road when they lost control of the vehicle.

The Sheriff’s department indicated that the young driver’s inexperience, combined with the excessive speed, contributed to the crash. Young drivers can be impulsive and may not recognize the risk of driving at high speed, and they lack the experience to handle a vehicle when something goes wrong.

In a crash like this, it is also important that all of the mechanical systems should be thoroughly investigated. In the last decade, there have been numerous crashes caused by unintended acceleration and other defects, like the GM Cobalt ignition switch, which was been linked to more than a hundred deaths. While there may have been human error, in this case, it is important to rule out these types of mechanical defects.

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