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August 2015 Archives

Pedestrian accidents increasing in U.S.

A disturbing trend has appeared in recent years. After decades of declining, in 2010, pedestrian deaths began to rise. A report this year from the Governors Highway Safety Association, (GHSA) notes the trend, and reminds everyone, that no matter how you get from point A to point B, you probably walk at some point.

Should you purchase uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage?

Everybody knows that when they get behind the wheel of a car, they take the risk of getting into a crash. This, of course, is why we purchase automobile insurance. Every state has slightly different requirements in terms of the type and amounts of insurance which must be purchased by motorists.

What is uninsured motorists insurance?

For most individuals in Michigan, discussing your car insurance is probably not the best topic to win friends and influence people. Many consider insurance a boring topic and only insurance agents, when they are attempting to sell you a policy, really are interested in spending much time on the topic.


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