Watch out for the “100 Deadliest Days”

Watch out for the “100 Deadliest Days”

by | Jun 15, 2015 |

With the arrival of summer, the roads of Michigan are crowded with a different set of threats than during the winter. While winter driving carries the risks of slick roads, frigid temps and blinding snow storms, summer driving is filled with road construction, motorcycles and teens.

Because most teens are out of school all summer long, the season marks the time of year with the greatest number of teen drivers on the road. Many are driving with their friends or heading back and forth to work. Unfortunately, summer also marks what AAA calls the “100 Deadliest Days,” because of the number of teen driver killed in motor vehicle crashes over the summer.

This means all drivers should practice heightened awareness for young drivers, who may have just received their license and are still inexperienced and really still learning how to drive.

This summer may be the first time they have encountered driving challenges such as navigating road construction zones, with their lane changes, narrow two-way traffic, sudden slowdowns and uneven pavement.

They may never have driven in a heavy thunderstorm, where the wipers are barely able to keep the windshield clear and the road surface is susceptible to hydroplaning at modest speeds.

In addition to lacking the experience only years of driving can provide, they are often impulsive and sometimes reckless, including a willingness to drive too fast and driving after consuming alcohol.

So stay alert when driving, and give teen drivers a little more room to help them avoid turning dumb mistakes into deadly errors.

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