Protesters rally to keep Michigan no-fault Insurance

Protesters rally to keep Michigan no-fault Insurance

by | May 14, 2015 |

TROY, Mich. (WJBK) – A big fight is raging over Michigan’s no-fault insurance program.

Some Lansing lawmakers want to change the policy but some health care professionals and some citizens are fighting it because it would hurt accident victims.

In Troy there was a protest Friday by those who want to keep it the way it is, speaking out against Senate Bill 248

“They want to cap a limit to attendant care to 24 hours a day,” said Ziad Kassav. “Which sounds good but for someone who has two clients it doesn’t cover 24 hours a day, it’s cumulative.”

State Sen. Joe Hune (R-Hamburg) says he stands behind no fault insurance reform and introduced the legislation to help provide lower auto insurance rates to motorists.

But members of the Concerned Association of Patients and Providers say this issue is about more than dollars and cents, it’s about quality of life

“It’s going to give people enough to survive, just to survive,” Kassav. “We don’t want people to just survive, we want them to live.”

People like Arnie Grinblatt who says he was injured in an auto accident in 2001, believes the reforms could make life more challenging.

“It will probably lead me to have more bedsores because wheel chairs like this are not covered through attend and care caps,” said Grinblatt.

But Hune says the bill will not end or limit benefits for those injured in car accidents. In fact, he says Michigan drivers will continue to receive the highest benefits in the country – unlimited, lifetime medical benefits

Although protesters say the proposed changes will not be beneficial for them, those who support the bill want them to rethink their position.

“We do not want to hurt anyone’s quality of life,” said Nancy Cain of AAA Michigan. “Everything will be the same there’s no reduction In medical care. We just want to control some costs, the benefits will be the same.”

But these protesters say their mission to protect and preserve auto no-fault benefits continues and they are not convinced that any good will come from SB 248.