Michigan drivers: Remember to drive safely this month

Michigan drivers: Remember to drive safely this month

by | May 22, 2015 |

This weekend, people all across Michigan will be observing Memorial Day and using the holiday to spend time with friends and family. It also serves as an unofficial kick-off to summer, meaning there can be lots of opportunities to be outside and relax.

However, it is important not to relax too much in terms of driving to and from all these events. The Memorial Day weekend is one of six holiday periods during which accident fatalities increase, according to a report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which means that being safe and aware can be as crucial as ever this holiday.

Reports indicate that there will be more than 1 million drivers out on Michigan roads this weekend, and many of these drivers will be engaged in unsafe behaviors at some point. Police know this and will be increasing enforcement efforts to try and stop dangerous drivers before they cause a fatal motor vehicle accident. In particular, they will be looking for:

  • Drunk drivers
  • Novice drivers who are violating the laws or the conditions of a graduated license
  • Distracted drivers
  • Reckless drivers

Unfortunately, police cannot stop every driver who is putting the lives and safety of other people in danger in time to prevent a crash. Too often, these negligent and reckless motorists are only stopped when they, their cars and their victims are sitting damaged on the side of the road.

This weekend, we encourage people across Wayne County to drive safely. If and when a car accident does occur, however, victims should make sure they get medical attention as soon as possible and then consult an attorney who can help you pursue compensation for the damages you have suffered if appropriate.

Source: Detroit Free Press, “Police: Heavy holiday traffic calls for safe driving,” Bill Laitner, May 22, 2015